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Fully autonomous ""SEO Robot"" with AI agents for Busy Founders to manage blog/pages/directories.

Marketsy Eloquent Seller

Concise and impactful copywriter for eCommerce product descriptions


GPT chatbot that specializes in writing and assists you with technical questions related to the XGBoost algorithm and library.

BulkBlizzard Cold Emails

Expert in crafting effective cold emails


Serves as a writing assistant adept at reviewing research papers and articles. Evaluates claims; assesses study quality; gauges result confidence; and delivers concise summaries


Your Ruby coding assistant.


Transcribe and summarize audio

Hacker Art

Crafts badass hacker art and profile pics with a flair for design

Product Coach

Guiding your product journey with expert insights.


Astrology guide for celestial insights.


Specializes in analyzing web content; including HTTP traffic; JavaScript files; and source code. Produces targeted lists of URLs for advanced testing; blending expertise in web and programming


If your ""unified"" chatGPT doesn't know it can browse the web or draw; this GPT is for you!


Writing virtuoso: Extracting wisdom from any text; as if meticulously handwritten notes were taken for hours


AI & ML Expert fluent in deep learning frameworks; mastering the art of programming for advanced machine learning applications

TweetX Enhancer

Social media sorcerer who enhances tweets for maximum engagement; ready to add a style twist on demand

Meme Magic

Creative meme wizard with a knack for humor; conjuring laughter with every post.

Math Mentor

I help parents help their kids with math. Need a 9pm refresher on geometry proofs? I’m here for you


AI fitness coach with workout visuals and resources

Personal Brand Navigator

Personal brand architect; guiding you to success with savvy marketing strategies

Currency Converter

Real-time currency converter; simplifying transactions with up-to-the-minute rates


Browse Webpage/PDF/Data. Chat & Write with one/many/none URLs.


Creative guidance meets efficient task management in your trusty assistant


Instant writing wizard: Enter any URL; receive a succinct summary of its text content


Code Copilot; your pair programming assistant

Logo Maker

Design maestro crafting professional; high-quality PNGs for your business


Design guru and programming virtuoso: Creates dynamic GIFs using DALL·E3 for spritesheets; with a coding twist for slicing and animation

Disagree with Me

Writing assistant that explores the flip side of ideas; viewpoints; and opinions


Your programming playground: Discover and launch your next favorite dev tools with us

Tweet Reply

Social maestro crafting engaging tweet responses that captivate and connect


An expert on email marketing

PlaylistAI: Spotify

Audio alchemist: Craft Spotify playlists for any prompt with ease

Good News Concierge

Web navigator with a marketing twist: I uncover positive news stories just for you


Your trusty assistant for setting goals and building effective routines

Language Coach

Education ally: Master speaking a new language like a local; no matter where you are

Simpsonize Me

Design magician: Transform photos into charming Simpsons-style art with flai


ScholarAI - Your Research Assistant ; unlock scientific research from over 200M papers

Semiotic Engine

semiotic theory & analysis

Developer Doc Search

Programming made seamless with Developer Doc Search - effortlessly explore thousands of open source packages and their GitHub documentation. Your gateway to the world of Open Source development

Dungeon Master

Dungeon Master - crafting adventures that respect agency. Elevate your hobby with immersive storytelling and boundless creativity

AI Websites

Create a professional website on a domain with blog/payment/scheduling pages in 60 seconds

Learn Creole

Embark on an educational journey with a Creole language tutor from Guadeloupe. Unlock the richness of culture and language in a personalized learning experience


Crafting tales with a unique blend of vision and DALL-E magic; this storyteller seamlessly weaves writing and design into captivating narratives. Elevate your storytelling experience


Salvador: where design meets the extraordinary. A visionary creator blending artistic flair with the magic of DALL-E. Elevate your design experience with Salvador


Kraftful - Your product coach. Ask about best practices. Get top gurus' product thinking.

Bike GPT

Your go-to assistant for bike care and cycling expertise. From repairs to upgrades; I've got you covered. Let's elevate your cycling experience together

Search Parliamentary Proceedings AI

Empower your research with the ability to search and explore parliamentary proceedings through news and text information. Uncover insights effortlessly

Fantasy Book Weaver

Dive into the world of fantasy with a book weaver; crafting endless interactive adventures. A hobby turned into captivating writing experiences awaits


Your Ruby programming assistant.

Cocktail MixMaster

I'm a virtual bartender who crafts cocktail recipes from your ingredients.

The Art of War

Unlock the wisdom of 'The Art of War' with an educational twist. Your hobby of strategic thinking gets a boost with a dedicated interpreter at your service

Visual Weather Artist GPT

I'm the visual weather artist. Give me your location (or any other) and I will draw the current weather conditions for you!

YT Summarizer

YouTube Video Summarizer- Saves a lot of screen time by summarizing YouTube videos with timestamps.

Thumbnail Sketcher

Elevate your writing with captivating design! I specialize in creating blog thumbnails that grab attention and complement your content seamlessly

Automation Consultant

Automation Assistant - Discover opportunities to save time with automation at work and get them setup for you.

GPT Cookbook Assistant

GPT Cookbook Assistant- Enhanced with OpenAI API reference recipes and guides


Transform YouTube videos or web articles into your personal study guide; making learning efficient and enjoyable.

Pilot Mentor

Navigate aeronautical knowledge effortlessly. Tailored for students and pilots seeking comprehensive education in aviation

Prompt Perfect

Your precision assistant - automatically refining prompts for accuracy and clarity. Elevate your interactions with seamless assistance


Promptest - Your prompt writing teacher. Craft better prompts by using /enhance; /feedback before a prompt. Skill up by submitting /brainstorm or /workout.

Perfect Chirp

Transform ideas into banger tweets in seconds. Kickstart your social game with quick and catchy tweets by starting your prompt with 'Write a tweet...'

AGI Pulse Monitor

AGI Pulse Monitor - Stay informed on AGI - with the latest; most relevant news.

Roblox Oracle

Roblox Oracle - Your go-to Roblox aficionado; turning your gaming hobby into an immersive adventure. Unleash the full potential of your Roblox experience!

Grand Auto Analyst

GTA Series Expert; diving deep into all things GTA; with a special focus on the eagerly anticipated GTA 6. Fuel your gaming hobby with in-depth discussions and insight

Vision Weaver

Your creative visual combiner; transforming ideas into stunning designs. Elevate your projects with a touch of imaginative flair

GPT Creator

GPT Creator - I guide users in creating their own GPT.

Prompt Polisher

I refine prompts as ChatGPT's assistant; enhancing the AI experience and beyond

Daily Digest Dispatcher

Daily Digest Dispatcher - I'm a diligent news reporter keeping you informed.

Amazon Scout

Your expert assistant in finding Amazon products. Precision in research; guiding your perfect discovery

Code Whisperer

Expert in decoding with geeky flair. Unveiling the secrets of programming with insider know-how. Your key to a tech-savvy education


EmojAI - Master of fun emoji translations! Injecting humor into your social expressions with a playful touch

Grok Genius

Grok Genius - Your based AI alternative; the trusted assistant for smarter interactions

Chainstack GPT

Empowering natural language interaction with EVM blockchains through Chainstack's infrastructure. Your web3 programming assistant; simplified

Italian Tutor GPT

Italian tutor for English speakers. Elevate your education with personalized language guidance

Sen's Powershell Helper

Windows PowerShell expert providing scripting guidance. Your go-to guide for seamless programming

Code Medica

I'm your medical AI research partner; blending expertise with assistant support for impactful medical breakthroughs

Sen's Excel Helper

Sen's Excel Helper - Excel expert assistant

Sen's Tail Coder

Coding expert and beginner-friendly teacher. Navigating the world of programming with a touch of educational flair

Sen's Discord Bot Helper

Discord bot dev expert; crafting programming magic for seamless server experiences


OccybyteGPT will help you with all the things about the IP I created; ""Terminium Compendium"".


Look up Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) with programming precision at your fingertips

Gerrit for Chromium

Search Gerrit Code Review for Google Chrome. Your programming companion for analyzing code changes; bugs; features; and more. Dive into research effortlessly

Interview Coach

Interview coach provides practice interview and mock interview feedback

Geopolitics GPT

Expert in geopolitics and international relations. Your trusted news and assistant source for global insights

GPT Idea Roller

Sparking joy with AI brainwaves! Your joyful assistant in the world of possibilities.

TeleBoost AI

Telecom expense management assistant

Pill Pal

Your friendly pill organizer assistant

Academic Pathfinder

Your ally for university applications. Education made easier with a dedicated assistant by your side


I assist with songwriting; harmonizing your ideas into audio brilliance

Headshot Advisor

Rate your acting headshots based on roles and get feedback to make it better. Your education and coaching hub for headshot perfection

Hormozi GPT

Sales & Marketing Advisor


Create black and white sketches that seamlessly blend into white backgrounds. Your design muse for classic simplicity

Logo Muse

I design minimalistic logos.

Moby Dick RPG

An epic text-based role-playing game based on the novel by Herman Melville. Your immersive hobby journey awaits

Fix My Brick

Canadian mason with a knack for clever chat.

OpenAI API Docs

Proficient in leveraging OpenAI API Documentation and CookBook for seamless web integration and programming tasks


A friendly philosopher robot from 2521 with humor.

YT transcriber

this transcribes a YT video from a single id


Effortlessly design anything: presentations; logos; social media posts and more.

HenriquesLab Writing

Academic writing aid in Henriques's style


Your AI Pokédex and guide to the Pokémon universe with all the knowledge; visuals; and surprises you need

Dream Explorer

Empathetic and creative dream interpreter.

Japanese Language Learning Helper

Get help learning the Japanese language through targeted tutoring!


I specialize in crafting personalized gift ideas just for you!

Adorable Zen Master

A gateway to Zen's joy and wisdom.


A maestro of tangential eloquence.


Translates corporate speak into plain English.

GitMaxd’s Onboarding Email Generator

I create SaaS onboarding emails.

Receipt Assistant

Your efficient receipt processing buddy

Python Pal

Python dev assistant for coding questions.


Expert in crafting detailed fantasy worlds.


An educational GPT designed to help you prepare for CFA/ CSM/ CEH/ AWS/ CDS/ PMP/ AzureSolArcExp/ Hootsuite/ CCNA/ SixSigmaGreenBlt/ GoogleAdsCert/ HubspotCert/ CPA/ SHRM-CP/ PE(Civil Engineering)/ ITIL/ Fdn/ CDP/ CISSP/ CCNA/ CISA

Tinder Love Navigator

Your guide to modern dating


Feeling Lost? Improve areas of your life with ease using MBTI Personality Typing

Chie Mimizuku

Provides insights for problem-solving based on world history and philosophy; fostering meta-cognitive development.

Master Sorry

Master Sorry makes up an apology on your behalf Please explain the disaster that happened to you!


A talkative and funny raccoon companion; providing fun; intellectually stimulating discussion

Text Game Engine

Versatile text game engine.

Dungeons & Dragons

Your virtual Dungeon Master for an authentic D&D adventure.

Meditation Guide

A serene guide for meditation and mindfulness.

Tim Burton

I create Tim Burton themed art.

Quentin Tarantino

Transforms images into Tarantino's style.

Brand Content Generator

I assist with generating advertising and branding materials.

Día de los Muertos

I craft Día de los Muertos art ideas.

Coloring Page Generator

I craft coloring book pages!

Sparky the Crystal Guide

I'm Sparky your crystal guide!

Game Text Emulator

Play any game in text!

Debate Facilitator

I organize and ensure fair debates.

Melody Mentor

Music theory guide and exercise provider

Vacation Planner

I create travel itineraries based on your preferences.

Stock Image Generator

I guide stock image creation.


Guided image assistant

90s themed

I craft '90s nostalgia-themed images.


You can verify phone numbers and see the top scam calls in your area

Cognitive Coach

Memory training and cognitive skill enhancer

What Would Chuck Do

He does not provide a solution. He is the solution.

Emoji Scene Creator

I create scenes from emojis.

Code Mentor

Expert React/TypeScript dev and teacher; guides in debugging.


I generate SQL queries for database management.

Daily Zen Guide

Wellness coach & personal trainer guide.

Expert AI Consultant

Easily learn how you can use ChatGPT and AI in your current job.

Tweet AI

Rewrite tweet that are likely to go viral in twitter! Just type what you want to tweet

UX Design Mentor

I provide specific UX or Product Design feedback.

Geoffrey Hinton - AI Godfather

Snarky AI Sage / dropping tech wisdom & code

DigComp Quiz Master

Quiz creator for DigComp 2.2


Expert in Spanish law and taxes.

Clinical Medicine Handbook

Your medical concept guide.

Professional LI Post Writer

Professional and compelling LinkedIn posts

Slide Deck Builder

I craft slide decks.

AI Act Assistant

Guide to the European AI Act and ask questions if you are in compliance if you are a GAFAM or working in AI.

MidJourney Prompt Generator

The most advanced MidJourney Prompt Generator

Anxiety Coach

Recognize / manage / cope. Works well with GPT-Voice.

Jordan Peterson - Honest Psychologist

Engage in a stimulating ; realistic conversation with Dr. Jordan Peterson.

PM Prep Partner

Your PM interview coach.

Akinator Bot

Akinator-like game mechanic

Daily Techs

Get your daily dose of AI; tech and science news in easy-to-digest reads Stay updated; simply.

Svenska Skatteassistenten

Swedish tax expert who helps with tax returns and tax issues.

Advocatus Diaboli

I rigorously test your ideas.

Adventure Scribe

I help you weave interactive tales.

Hire Guide

Recruitment consultant aiding in applicant review and tracking of the hiring process


NomadGPT helps you become a digital nomad and find you the best places in the world to live and work remotely.

Habit Mastery

Your habit-forming coach

Pic-book Artist

I can create beautiful picture comic books for you; just need simple ideas and get the perfect work


Meet BetterSleepBot: your personal AI sleep coach. It tracks sleep / offers relaxation techniques and customizes advice for your best rest


The best things to do in Pamplona in your hands

Botanical Wizard

A multilingual botanic connoisseur.


Generate Incredible Images with Optimized Instructions and Presets for Dall-e 3

Dating Advice

Navigate the dating jungle

Tattoo Design & Stencil

Tattoo design and stencil creator

Brand Safety Audit

Get a detailed risk analysis for public relations; marketing and internal communications; identifying challenges and negative impacts to refine your messaging strategy.

Signal Maestro

In-depth Signal Theory Assistant

Nutrition Insight

Estimates calories and advises on foods.

Plantrip Knowledge Insight

Insights from travel knowledge

Good Night Story

I craft personalized bedtime stories where you are the main character.

Code Coach

Your mentor for landing a software job.

Anfield Chat

Your go-to source for all things Liverpool FC.

Vegan Fast Food Concierge

Quickly find vegan options at chain restaurants

Gift Genie

Your go-to assistant for personalized holiday gift ideas.

AI News Navigator

Get the latest AI news in chatbot form.

SpoonFinder AI

Your local guide to finding the best greasy spoon diners.

Data Cleaner

I clean and explain data.

The Winding Road

Explore The Beatles' universe with 'Winding Road'; where every tune has a tale; every lyric a legacy. Discover podcasts/ films/ chords and cultural echoes of the Fab Four.

Dubstep Dynamo

Your dubstep music mentor

Unity GPT

I write C# code and respond to inquiries about Unity. My database knowledge is refreshed daily with new; functional code snippets and information. If necessary I can search the web to provide more accurate answers

Lyric Matchmaker

10 song recommendations per request.

SEO Mentor

SEO mentor aligned with Google's best practices

Voyage Guide

I craft personalized travel plans.

Credit Card Matchmaker

Interactive credit card advisor


its a doggie doggie world


A Socratic guide for deep thinking

Code Critic Gilfoyle

Gilfoyle-style coding sidekick

Paired with Pied Piper

Your Silicon Valley-style coding buddy.

Fake News!

Analyzes content & cites sources

GPT Global Concierge

Your Multilingual Travel Assistant

Seussify Bard

I turn thoughts into Dr. Seuss-style poems!

Jude AI

Your go-to expert for real estate.


Trade Any Asset / Crypto / Stocks Commodities. You Name it!

HACCP Helper

Assists in the creation of HACCP plans.

Home Plate Analyst

Baseball expert and analyst.

Meal Planner

Helps you plan your weight loss goals.


DALL-E 3 Cartoonist

Diffusion Master

Master of Stable Diffusion prompts.

UI/UX Designer

Help with creative problem solving. Advice; design critiques and suggestions to improve the user interface and experience.

Regex Wizard

Generates VS Code regex patterns.


I assist with visa requirements and processes.

Code to Diagrams Generator

Turns code into diagrams swiftly.

SpongeBob Seeker

I can help you find any SpongeBob episode!

Global Visa Guide

Expert in global visa and immigration.


Everyday productivity for the professional troll


IELTS tutor aiding in exam prep

JIRA Guide

Atlassian product suite expert.

Ask GPT: Who is hiring?

A job seeker's guide into ""Ask HN: Who is hiring?""

Outside: Personal Planner

Designed to find fun things to do; places to go and wacky ideas to make your days more interesting

Brief GPT

Short to-the-point answers.

I'm Offended Bot

Screen your socials for potentially offensive content. A tool for helping you navigate the minefield of modern sensitivities.

Daily Bedtime Journal

Your reflective journal and personal coach.

Viral Tweet Crafter

I turn any input into a viral tweet in your tone. Publish instantly with just a click.

GymStreak Workout Creator

Automatically create home and & gym workouts (Also available as app on the AppStore)

Gym Workout Creator

Crafts personalized gym workouts

Code Sage - Python

Python Master - Teaching and creating code examples.

The Greatest Computer Science Tutor

Get unique help on undergrad/postgrad Computer Science Topics. Learn not memorize. Codes the path to CS insights.


Expert in real estate disclosures analysis.

Doc Maker

Create and export docs to PDF / Word / Google Drive and more

Web Reader

Read and search data from URL link to website / webpage. Supports PDF / Word files / Excel / CSV / Google Drive and more


Dishing out sage stoic advice to the masses; one letter to Lucillius at a time


I create memorable mnemonics! - Boost Memory with MnemoMind: Your Mnemonic Assistant


A GPT that speaks freely using vulgar language.

Automation Assistant

Business Automation Wizard

JavaScript Guru

Teaching and creating code examples.

Comic Book Rivalry Analyst

An analysis of DC vs Marvel character battles. Visit for more fun articles!

Sermon Assistant

Your sermon-building partner.

Excel Brother

Upload your excel file and ask me a question. You can also paste a screenshot. I'll answer anything; okay?


I create MCQs from lectures; grade and make flashcards.

Apple Product Helper

Apple product expert at your service.

Crypto News Assistant

I provide the latest crypto news.


Creates and hosts beautiful websites

Palette Creator

A color palette generator offering 5 colors with hex codes and images.

Blockchain Bot

Your Blockchain Expert.


I create succinct summaries for your text large or small.

Age Sage

Precise age oracle in detail I tell of time's tale.

The Wiki Wizard

Your personal Wikipedia guide.


Simplifies complex topics into easy language.


Generate images of beauty from nature to architecture and outer space.

Travel Guru

Your go-to guide for global travel insights.

Cyber Seeker

I'm a GPT-guided text based scavenger hunt!

Future Horizon

Eager Transhumanist Enthusiast.


Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life / the Universe and Everything.

Picasso GPT

Channels Picasso in style and persona for art ideas.

Creature Composer

I create and describe imaginative creatures using DALL-E 3.

Mosaic Explorer

It generates mosaics of the most famous exports for a given region (country / city... etc) via DALLE3

Fashion News

The #1 source for luxury fashion news.

YT Video Transcripts

Fetch any YouTube video transcript for further use in summarization/ Q&A/ function-calling and more!

Wisdom of Omaha

Investor duo giving timeless wisdom.

Second novel writer

Tell me your story and I'll reconstruct it.

Character Crafter

Generate infinite AI characters with unique personalities/ hobbies/ styles/ photos etc.

Birthday Personality Test

Personality test by birthday.

Resume Wizard

I assist with resume creation.

Inbox Companion

Your go-to assistant for all email needs.

Understood You

Your Nonviolent Communication guide

Divergent Terminal

Rock-paper-scissors game with leaderboard

Node.js / Javascript Interpreter

Executes Node.js/JavaScript & Python code

Sticker Wizard

Converts photos to stickers

Understood Picture Books

I'm an illustrator who creates coherent visuals.

Understood Work

Assistant that provides clear action plans.


I teach Rust with examples and humor.

Make Academy Guide

Make Academy Guide

Ask Dad

I guide step-by-step to complete tasks with a dad joke for good measure!

Devil's Advocate

I kindly challenge your views.

Professor Edit

A professor aiding in research paper editing.

Story Weaver

Assists in writing and illustrating children's stories.

GPT Product Wizard

Use GPT Wizard's knowledge of the current GPT marketplace to innovate brand new GPT products.


Insightful editor & context-aware.

Mr Nitpick

Detailed line editing with 30 years' experience.

Green Thumb Guide

Your plant care assistant

Mandarin Mentor

Your nurturing guide to Chinese culture and language!


A virtual CBT therapist that helps reframe thoughts.

Terracotta Warriors

I'm the Terracotta Warrior from the Qin Dynasty and I'm 2000 years old.

Fix It Guru

All-in-one how to for tech/ car/ and DIY guide.

Enciclopedia CCI Vol 1

I provide information from the ICC Encyclopedia Vol 1. Criminalistics/ Criminology/ Forensic Medicine & Forensics and Criminal Investigation.

UX Copywriter

I help you craft engaging UX copy.

Resume GPT

Your personal AI assistant that helps you create a standout resume & cover letter

Pitch Perfect

Refines pitches with slide-specific advice

Avian Advisor

Budgie's Specialist


Your go-to fashion advisor for style tips and color matching.


Mentor in the style of Churchill

Brain Feeder

I summarize and review books for you. Enter book name or upload a book cover picture.

Fern The Leopard GPT

I'm Fern The Leopard; let's share stories and fun!

Image Wizard

I craft DALL-E image prompts.

No-Code News

Your source for no-code industry news powered by

Product Manager Bot

I help you become a better PM.

Email Marketing Copywriter

Write powerful copy for e-commerce and lead gen email marketing campaigns.

Dream Interpreter

Unlock dreams with the wisdom of Duke Zhou

Mystic 8 Ball GPT

What does your future hold?

Flick Fetcher

I find where to stream movies & their prices.


I recommend movies and series.


Your personal supplement advisor GPT: Get evidence-based suggestions for energy; joint health; sleep and more based on your health needs

Stable Diffusion Prompter

I generate art prompts for stable diffusion / animatediff.

Product Reviewer

Shakespeare of e-commerce & delivering reviews that stick with you longer than your last online purchase.

UBIK ads

Need a punchy jingle or a catchy phrase? UBIK ads is your go-to for creative zing that makes your product sing! Use only as inspired.

Compiler Expert

Expert in compiler techniques and frameworks.

Rhyme Master

English rap master & answering all with rhyme.

Lean Larry

Startup guru for Early founders. Advice based on all-time-great books; such as Lean Startup / Blitzscaling / Innovator's Dilemma etc.

Daily Korean

Your daily dose of the Far East


The ultimate GOAT debate ⚽ ⚾ 🥎 🏀 🏐 🏈 🏉 🎾

Dubs Nation

Go Dubs! 🏀👨‍🍳 All things Golden State Warriors

Idea Filter

I help founders filter and refine startup ideas.

Jane the Storyteller

Motivation for Weight Loss. Narrative-driven coach for healthy living

Tarot Reader

I'm a Tarot reader here to provide you with insightful card readings.


How to make a custom gpts?

Board Game Architect

I help design custom board games with creative and practical advice.

AI Pixar Poster

AI-generated posters with a Pixar-style aesthetic.

Magic Writer

SEO-optimized Writer Buddy 💜

The Dream Interpreter

Dream Interpreter by

Flowbite GPT

Create websites using the UI components from Flowbite based on Tailwind CSS